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I'm currently raising funds to produce and get my Patent Wig Caps into the marketplace. These Wig Caps will be sold exclusively, licensed out and eventually will become publicly accessible in the near future. Future plans will have the Patent Innovation for Wigs making is having Wigs made using the Stitched Bottom Hem and the Elasticized Straps which allows the wearer to control the fit and tightness around the head without no gluing, clips, combs or wig grip.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, 23rd May 2024 - Perfect Wig Caps Announces Innovative Patent Wig Caps with a Stitched Bottom Hem Las Vegas, Nevada, Patent Wig Caps, a leading Innovator in Hair and Beauty accessories, is excited to announce the award of a new Patent for its revolutionary wig caps featuring a Stitched Bottom Hem and a Pocketed Band. This Innovative design promises enhanced support, tightness, fit, comfort, durability. Needing….No Gluing, Combs, Clips, Wig Band or Wig Grip. The wearer controls the fit and tightness around the entire head. Does not have be be readjusted each time for wearing.

A Breakthrough in Wig Cap Design

The new Patented Wig Caps design by a Wig Maker, Hair Weaver, Hair Stylist, Salon Owner addresses common issues faced by wig wearers, such as slippage, discomfort, and lack of longevity. The addition of a Stitched Bottom Hem allow space to be attached to another wig that needs more tightness and fit. The Pocketed Band with it's magnetic pull ensures a secure fit, preventing the wig from falling off the head  or slipping backwards, which can cause discomfort.

“We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking Innovation to the market, “The support of the Pocketed Band with Elasticized Straps all around the entire head has the most support for going in the swimming pool. Can be worn while sleeping or in the shower. These Patent Wig Caps not only enhances the fit, tightness and feel of the wig cap but also significantly extends its lifespan, providing our customers with a reliable and comfortable solution.”

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Security: The Pocketed  Band offers a snug fit that keeps the wig cap securely in place, reducing the need for constant adjustments.

Increased Comfort: Made from high-quality, breathable materials, the wig cap with a Pocketed Band and Stitched Bottom Hem provides all-day comfort, making it ideal for both casual and extended wear.

Durability: Research and Development has proven strength and longevity of these Wig Caps, ensuring they withstands regular use without fraying or losing shape.

Versatility: Suitable for all head sizes, these Innovative wig caps design caters to a diverse range of styles and preferences.

Customer and Industry Reception

Since its soft launch, the wig cap with a Pocketed Band and a Stitched Bottom Hem has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and industry professionals alike. Users have praised its superior fit, tightness, comfort, and durability, controlled by the wearer.  Needing No gluing, combs, clips, wig grip or wig band 

“These Patent Wig Caps are excellent for people with Cancer and Alopecia.”

“Finally, a wig cap that stays in place and feels great!” said one satisfied customer. “The stitched hem is a game-changer.”



The new wig caps with a stitched bottom hem are now available for purchase on [ or contact (+1)3109886840. Perfect Wig caps is committed to making this innovative product accessible to wig wearers worldwide and is actively expanding its distribution network.


About Perfect Wig Caps

Perfect Wig Caps is dedicated to providing high-quality Wig Caps that enhance the lives of our customers. With a focus on innovation, comfort, and style, we strive to lead the industry in developing products that meet the evolving needs of wig wearers and hair care enthusiasts. Coming soon!!!

(3) additional Patent Wig Caps all solving a problem in the Wig Industry.


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