Weaver Labs Pre-Sale for Adeno ($ADE) Token to be concluded soon: Powering the Decentralized Future of Telecom

Grand News Network | May 14, 2024

London, United Kingdom, 13th May 2024 – Weaver Labs, a revolutionary blockchain technology company building the future of telecom infrastructure and one of the most impactful DePIN projects currently underway, has announced the pre-sale of its native cryptocurrency, Adeno ($ADE), which started on the 1st of May and will end on the 15th of May. This token will fuel CellNet, the world’s first Web3 marketplace dedicated to the telecom industry, enabling a decentralized approach to infrastructure sharing and network management. 


Weaver Labs Pre-Sale for Adeno ($ADE) Token to be concluded soon: Powering the Decentralized Future of Telecom 


Decentralizing the Internet: A Paradigm Shift

The current internet landscape is dominated by large, centralized telecom companies. This model often leads to limited access, high costs, and a lack of transparency. Weaver Labs is on a mission to change that.

Adeno, the cornerstone of the CellNet ecosystem, empowers a future where no single entity controls the network. Infrastructure ownership becomes decentralized, fostering competition and innovation.

Anyone, anywhere, can gain affordable and reliable internet connectivity. Blockchain technology ensures secure transactions, real-time usage monitoring, and efficient resource allocation.

Reduced Bureaucracy: The Marketplace for a Decentralized Telecom Future

CellNet acts as the central nervous system of Weaver Labs’ vision. This Web3 marketplace facilitates a wide range of essential network transactions, including deploying and sharing network resources using CellStack. Through Cell-Stack, Weaver Labs lays the groundwork for a decentralized connectivity marketplace, transforming how telecom assets are utilized by digitizing them. Their goal is to assist network builders in transitioning to a software-based platform, streamlining the process and minimizing bureaucratic hurdles.

By creating a marketplace that oversees the rental of assets, Cell-Stack transforms the landscape of future network deployments, making them more efficient and accessible to all.

Adeno Token: Unlocking the Power of CellNet

The Adeno token serves several critical functions within CellNet:

It enables micropayments for network usage, fostering a dynamic and cost-effective system. ADE holders have a say in shaping the future of CellNet through voting and proposal creation. The token facilitates real-time tracking of network consumption, ensuring efficient resource allocation. Adeno acts as a unit of account for infrastructure usage, enabling transparent and secure transactions, and incentivizes network providers to maintain high service quality.

Strong Partnerships and Proven Track Record

Weaver Labs boasts a prestigious list of partners with bigger companies.

The company has a proven track record of success, having secured significant funding from government bodies and private institutions to support its innovative projects. These projects range from creating open network software platforms to deploying smart city solutions and bringing connectivity to stadiums and other venues alike.

Investing in the Future of Telecom

The Adeno pre-sale presents a unique opportunity for early adopters to contribute to the decentralization of the Internet and be part of the next generation of telecom infrastructure. By participating in the pre-sale, token buyers can support the project, the vision and contribute to the success of Cellnet.

About Weaver Labs

Weaver Labs is a pioneering company at the forefront of the telecom revolution. It is building the infrastructure for a decentralized future, empowering a more connected and equitable world. Weaver Labs’ vision is driven by a team of passionate technologists and industry experts committed to creating a more open and transparent telecom ecosystem.

As part of Weaver Labs’ commitment to empowering and embracing crypto and blockchain, they have been invited to events in London to showcase and discuss the benefits of these alternatives for driving business. In May, they will be at the Palace of Westminster alongside renowned stakeholders to delve into the topic. Undoubtedly, this underscores the value of Weaver Labs and Adeno, highlighting their significant potential to revolutionize telecommunications.

Join the Decentralized Revolution

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