Charles Moore’s Latest Book Release "Art and Economics: A Short History of Art Collecting" Takes Us on a Journey through the Art World.

Grand News Network | May 9, 2024

United States, 9th May 2024, King NewsWireAuthor and curator Charles Moore unveils his latest work, "Art and Economics: A Short History of Art Collecting," this Spring. In an exploration of the intricate relationship between art, wealth, and society, Moore deploys his meticulous research and insightful analysis, inviting readers on a journey through art history and into the world of art collecting, looking at significant events and figures from collecting’s origins in the leisure class to its contemporary manifestations in global art markets.

Fascinated by art and the functioning of the art world, Moore brings more than his academic credentials to this text. He builds upon his wealth of practical and hands-on experience working directly with artists, institutions, and markets in his writing. Having curated exhibitions at institutions around the globe, his unique perspective as both a scholar and a practitioner offers readers a unique investigation of the inner workings of the art world and prepares individuals for the world of collecting.

To do so, Moore delves into the evolution of art collecting, tracing its roots back to the dawn of consumerism and the rise of the leisure class. From the opulent displays of wealth in the Renaissance to the conspicuous consumption of the Gilded Age, Moore examines how art has served as both a status symbol and a reflection of societal values throughout history.

From history, he takes a closer look at how these past practices intersect with our modern understandings of the human condition. The book delves into the motivations behind art collecting, shedding light on the role of collectors as arbiters of taste and custodians of cultural heritage. He pays particularly close attention to 19th century American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen’s conception of the Veblen Good, where luxury subverts traditional notions of supply and demand, and how art as this classification of good begins to fall into our hierarchy of needs, granting us fulfillment and beginning to intersect with ideas of status and cultural dynamics.

Central to the book is Moore's examination of contemporary trends in art collecting, including the rise of art fairs and the influence of technology on the buying and selling of art. Drawing on his expertise as a curator and cultural critic, Moore offers valuable and detailed analysis of the annual Art Basel fair phenomenon and UBS Global Art Market Reports, offering readers an overview of the latest trends and developments in the art world. The nuances of the forces shaping our global art market, from emerging regions to innovative sales strategies, become illuminated for our new generation of collectors.

Reflecting the ever-evolving nature of art collecting, he introduces us to prominent groundbreaking figures in the field such as Beth Dewoody, Michael and Susan Hort, and the founders of the Rubell Museum, Mera and Don Rubell. From supporting emerging and underrepresented people in art to rethinking how the broader community interacts with collections, these critical figures are among those reshaping what it means to be a collector in the modern age.

With chapters dedicated to topics such as the economics of art, the psychology of collecting, and the impact of globalization on the art market, Moore provides a comprehensive overview of the lineage and role collecting holds today. The book is more than a chance to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s collectors; it is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of art and commerce’s role in our human culture.

"Art and Economics: A Short History of Art Collecting" will be released on May 15, 2024, through Petite Ivy Press. Stay tuned or reach out to our contact below for more information regarding details for upcoming release-related events.

About the Author

Charles Moore is a New York-based author and curator investigating abstraction, color theory, and social justice. He holds a bachelor’s from Ferris State University and an MBA from St John’s University. Moore received his master’s degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University with an emphasis on inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for marginalized groups. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at Columbia University’s Teachers College in the Art and Museum Studies department. He is a contributing writer to notable publications including Juxtapoz, CULTURED, Artsy, Brooklyn Rail, The Art Newspaper, and the author of, “The Black Market: a guide to art collecting” (2020), “Israel’s Transformative Black Artists,” “The Brilliance of the Color Black” (2021), and “Apropos of Running,” (2024) which is a memoir chronicling his journey to finish the six world marathon majors. His books have been translated into 12 languages.

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