Joseph Wafati– “You Have Nothing to Lose Except TheChance to Win.”

Grand News Network | May 4, 2024
Joseph Wafati– “You Have Nothing to Lose Except TheChance to Win.”

“I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

                                              - Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon

United States, 4th May 2024, King NewsWire - The steering force behind the economic progression and inventions in a society are the existence of entrepreneurs. While age is just a number that holds no significance for one to be an entrepreneur, it does require a person to be courageous and a natural risk-taker! Risk-takersare investors who are capable of taking a leap of faith with an uncertainty of the net profit gained.Becoming an entrepreneur does not even require one to have a specific education. Instead,one should be a sharp thinker andpossess excellent conversational skills along with the hunger and potential to learn and grow. Apart from this, one should focus on minor details of businessmanagement in regard to finance and time. To stand out in these aspects,a person needs to be more of a leader with the capability of adapting to all kinds of atmospheres, either good or bad.

Joesph Wafati’s, a self-made business owner, is a chiefinspiration for young entrepreneurs. Since a very young age, his analytical thinking skills have the theory of initiating a startup or working at a specific period after obtaining a particular position in academic life. He started participating in merchandising while he was still studying in school. By the age of 17, he broke all norms and had already started making $100k in profits, showcasing his early years of success as a freelancer by trading technology gears. With the help of his innovative methods, he was able to self-finance his academic expenses; this fact alone makes him an inspiration for the youth. Born in Africa, November 15, 1996, Wafati witnessed the power of a charismatic atmosphere but still led a very simple life. These conditions imposed on Wafati to obtain a mindset driven bythe need to bring a revolution in his sphere. His immense contributions in his domain have helped him to receive the nominationfor thePresident’s List, Seelpa H. Keshvala, Ph.D., andLone Star College-Cyfair’s Fall 2020 President's List,consecutivelyfor two years in 2019 and 2020.

Wafati desire to achieve extreme levels of excellency incited his nerves to immigrate to the U.S., obtaining an associate degree from Texas College in 2017. His artistic skills and trailblazing mindset facilitated him to be the first one to launch physical retail stores at Galleria Mall and other malls among in Houston, generating $100k in profits. The net profit gained became a means for him to pursue further in his career by overcoming his university expenses and successfully achieving a degree by completing his BBA in Management Information Systems from C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston,in 2021.

Despite possessing remarkable organizational skills, Wafati was aware of the power that knowledge holds and,thus, focused on adding more qualifications under his name. Eventually, he obtained a master’s in business administration MBA from Lamar University In 2023.Wafati’s interest in doing more did not stop there; his curiosity to explore the wonders of technology enthused him to receive certifications in Cooperate Entrepreneurship from Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Houston. He also received a certificates in Connected Leadership and Introduction to Psychology from Yale University. Apart from being overly qualified, he seems to be excessively skilled as well in different domains, as he has nearly eightyears of experience in software development and proficiency in various programming languages such as MySQL, Php, Java, Python, .Net, and Node.

Joseph Wafati– “You Have Nothing to Lose Except TheChance to Win.”

Wafati has magnificently built his empire in the form of 3 different enterprises. Firstly, he launched Wafati Group, serving as a holding company for various technology startups. In 2020, Wafati came up with an even better initiative and founded Canonical Media, a digital marketing and web development company, serving around 630 satisfied clients, delivering more than a thousand projects on time with 100 percent success in their projects. His appetite for more innovation and his software skills stirred him to establish EncryptedHost in 2023, a software company that offers quick and secure encrypted servers to clients.

Apart from technology and business, Wafati’s artistic mind possesses an immense passion for self-learning, music, travling, and nature. Owning fluency in 3 major languages, i.e., Arabic, English, and Italian, makes him stand out from other entrepreneurs, aiding him to have more command over sales due to his ability to communicatein 3 different languages.

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