Humanity International Investments Launches 
Groundbreaking ESG Blockchain Index

Grand News Network | March 18, 2024

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18th Mar 2024 – Humanity International Investments (HII), the Dubai-based social impact fund, has announced the creation of an unprecedented watchdog index for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The index will serve as a barometer for assessing the socio-economic impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects worldwide, with a keen focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact.

Humanity International Investments Launches 
Groundbreaking ESG Blockchain Index

In a push for ethical investment within the crypto sector, HII’s initiative introduces a rigorous ESG framework. The index is designed to evaluate and rate blockchain entities, crypto tokens and crypto funds based on a multifaceted methodology, incorporating market performance, technology robustness, regulatory compliance, and community engagement, alongside a keen ESG analysis.

This pioneering measure is particularly timely, as Dubai positions itself as the epicenter of the crypto world. The HII index will guide investors towards sustainable, responsible, and socially beneficial crypto ventures. 

The HII Blockchain Index recognizes the essential role ESG considerations play within the investment landscape. The aim is to encourage investment in projects that align with sustainability goals and have a meaningful impact, particularly for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

“By prioritizing investments that align with broader sustainability goals, the Humanity Blockchain Index will direct the crypto industry towards a future where it holds a sustainable and socially responsible modus operandi”, said Mr. Marcus Dukes, President of HII. 

The launch of this index demonstrates HII’s unwavering dedication to closing the income gap for the unbanked and ultra-poor, particularly in Africa. 

HII is championing a new investment paradigm—one that values humanity’s future as much as immediate financial returns. This initiative is set to catalyze a shift towards more sustainable business practices in the crypto industry and foster an inclusive and ethically robust digital economy.

“Through our pioneering Blockchain Index, we are setting a new standard for responsible investment in the crypto world. By factoring in a token’s environmental impact, societal contribution, and governance quality, the index ensures investors have a clear understanding of which crypto enterprises are contributing positively to society and which may be falling short,” said Dukes. 

The HII Blockchain Index will also introduce a revolutionary approach to measuring the impact of crypto and blockchain companies on individuals at the bottom of the pyramid, with a particular emphasis on the unbanked population. The index will evaluate how these companies are leveraging technology to provide financial services, increase accessibility, and foster economic empowerment for those who have historically been excluded from the traditional banking system. By focusing on key metrics such as accessibility, usability, and the implementation of projects that directly benefit the unbanked, the HII Blockchain Index aims to highlight and support those entities making tangible strides towards financial inclusion. 

Through this initiative, HII is paving the way for a future where digital financial tools are leveraged for the greater good, ensuring that investments are contributing positively to our planet and its inhabitants.

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Humanity International Investments is a Dubai-based social impact fund dedicated to fostering financial inclusion across Africa. With an expansive network spanning the continent, the organization is committed to bridging the identity gap for the unbanked and the ultra-poor. By collaborating with innovative technology partners, the Humanity Protocol seeks to provide verifiable identities, enabling countless Africans to access financial services, credit, and opportunities for wealth creation. Their vision is not just about creating identities but about empowering individuals to change their futures and have a voice in the global digital community.



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Groundbreaking ESG Blockchain Index appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

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