Trumps Niece Says Ex-President May 'Not Well Have Any Homes' After NY Civil Fraud Testimony: 'It's Over'

Grand News Network | November 7, 2023

Former President Donald Trump testified in the New York fraud civil case on Monday and his niece and psychologist Mary Trump weighed in on his testimony and its potential impact on his election chances.

What Happened: “Donald is f**ked,” Mary Trump said on X, formerly Twitter as she reposted former Department of Justice attorney Andrew Weissmann’s post. The ex-DOJ staffer said New York Attorney General Letitia James got Donald Trump to agree that the financial statements and his personal guaranty were to induce banks to lend money. “Key fact for this fraud case,” he added.

Sharing a video of Donald Trump making the motion of zipping his lips when a reporter asked how it was going, Mary Trump said, “That is the first time Donald EVER lumbered away from a bunch of cameras and microphones in his life.”

When the former president was asked whether he prepared the financial statements in 2021, he said he was so busy in the White House, ...

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