Regular Marijuana Use Increases Heart Failure Risk By 34%, Study Shows

Grand News Network | November 7, 2023

Two recently conducted studies have revealed a potential link between habitual marijuana usage and a heightened risk of heart attacks or heart failure, especially amongst the elderly. These studies are scheduled to be unveiled at the forthcoming Scientific Sessions 2023 of the American Heart Association, which will take place in Philadelphia.

What Happened: A report by The Hill details the first study which observed 156,999 participants over a four-year period. All participants were heart failure-free at the start of the study and had disclosed their marijuana usage. According to the research, individuals who regularly use marijuana have a 34 percent increased likelihood of experiencing heart failure when compared to those who do not use the substance. By the study’s conclusion, approximately 2 percent or 2,958 participants had developed heart failure.

Once adjustments were made for coronary artery disease, the risk decrease to 27 percent, indicating that coronary artery disease may be a potential mechanism by which daily marijuana use contributes to heart failure. The study, however, did not detail the specific method of marijuana consumption.

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