Remote Work Lifestyle Hinders Careers, Says NYU Professor: 'Young People Who Choose That Life...Are Probably Not Going To Become CEOs'

Grand News Network | November 6, 2023

The increasingly popular trend of remote work among younger generations might be a potential roadblock to reaching executive positions, warns NYU Stern School of Business Professor Suzy Welch.

What Happened: As reported by Business Insider India, Welch suggests that while remote work might offer a work-life balance, it could limit the financial and career successes that office-goers might attain.

Welch said, “The young people who choose to have that life that go into work maybe one or two days a week or never… are probably not going to become CEOs.” She emphasized that individuals who have experienced traditional office environments appreciate its benefits more than those who started remote work during the pandemic.

Welch’s perspective aligns with her NYU colleague, Professor Scott Galloway, who previously recommended against remote work for those aspiring for significant professional and personal triumphs.

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